LaunchZone’s mission is to offer users a full spectrum of DeFi services on one platform. Our new roadmap includes the following major milestones:
  • Upgrade LZ Swap with Limit Order, Better time estimation and a Buy/sell meme tokens feature
  • Merge zSEED and ZDCASH to LZP
  • Launch $1M bounty campaign for LZP holders
  • Merge BSCX, BARMY and ZD to LZ
  • Launch LZP and new farming pools
  • Develop LZ Dex
  • Bridge LZ to Polygon and enable farming on Polygon
  • Bridge LZ to Kucoin Chain and enable farming on Kucoin Chain
  • Bridge LZ to Hecochain and enable farming on Hecochain
  • Bridge LZ to Avalanche and enable farming on Avalanche
  • Release LZ Stablecoin Yield Aggregator
  • Introduce LZ Pool Vault
  • Bridge LZ to Near
  • Introduce LZ Wallet App and LZ Wallet Chrome Extensions that supports Avalanche, Polygon, Near
  • Release LZ Stablecoin Farming Protocol
  • Introduce LZ AMM Aggregator Routing Protocol
  • Enable Cross-chain Swap
  • Give LZ holders better advertisement position on BARMY Xpress
The website migration and the token merge to LZ and LZP will be finished in July and August 2021.