LaunchZone’s mission is to offer users a full spectrum of DeFi services on one platform. Our new roadmap includes the following major milestones:
  • Upgrade LZ Swap with Limit Order, Better time estimation and a Buy/sell meme tokens feature
  • Merge zSEED and ZDCASH to LZP
  • Launch $1M bounty campaign for LZP holders
  • Merge BSCX, BARMY and ZD to LZ
  • Launch LZP and new farming pools
  • Develop LZ Dex
  • Bridge LZ to Polygon and enable farming on Polygon
  • Bridge LZ to Kucoin Chain and enable farming on Kucoin Chain
  • Bridge LZ to Hecochain and enable farming on Hecochain
  • Bridge LZ to Avalanche and enable farming on Avalanche
  • Release LZ Stablecoin Yield Aggregator
  • Introduce LZ Pool Vault
  • Bridge LZ to Near
  • Introduce LZ Wallet App and LZ Wallet Chrome Extensions that supports Avalanche, Polygon, Near
  • Release LZ Stablecoin Farming Protocol
  • Introduce LZ AMM Aggregator Routing Protocol
  • Enable Cross-chain Swap
  • Give LZ holders better advertisement position on BARMY Xpress
The website migration and the token merge to LZ and LZP will be finished in July and August 2021.
Last modified 5mo ago
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