Limit Orders

LZ Swap introduces the new, sophisticated Limit Orders function.
Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a blockchain-based form of finance that aims to disintermediate financial transactions. Decentralized exchange (DEXs), one of the key models of DeFi, has been heralded as the tool of liberation - traders can now connect directly for trading activities.
However, because AMMs provide liquidity via pools of trading pairs and do away with order books, they give up the Limit Order function in most cases. A Limit Order is an order set at a certain price, where the system automatically fill it when the market hits the set order price.
We are proud to announce that Limit Orders is now available on LZ Swap!

What is the benefit of LZ Swap Limit Orders?

Should volatility rise during the time of swapping, especially for low-liquidity pairs, Limit Orders function will drastically reduce slippage and guarantee a lower price impact. Transactions will be executed at the most profitable price our AMMs can aggregate.
Another advantage of Limit Orders is automation. Users don't have to constantly monitor markets for a desired entry/exit price anymore; transactions are automated to keep up with windows of DeFi opportunity.
We also impose an equal fee for all transactions to ensure fairness, regardless of the order size.

How to use LZ Swap Limit Orders?

Step 1: Connect your wallet to LZ Swap (if you are new to LaunchZone)
Step 2: Go to LZ Swap
Step 3: Enter the amount of tokens you use to swap
Step 4: Enter the tokens you want to swap for and the desired amount
Step 5: Enter the desired price
Step 6: Place the order