How to stake LPs on LZ Pool

Many users find it quite complicated to calculate the amount of LP to add liquidity. Below is the detailed instruction for calculating, adding liquidity and staking LPs on LZ Pool.
Suppose that you want to join LaunchZone Premium Club and you're required to stake 500 LZ-BUSD LPs.
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Go to The Sower Bot and type /lz. You'll get the real-time price and the corresponding LPs for $LZ as follows:
The Bot constantly updates the calculations for 1 LP of LZ-BUSD, LZ-USDT and LZ-USDC


Now that you need to add 500 LZ-BUSD LPs, you need to multiply the value of LZ-BUSD by 500:
As shown in the picture, you need to stake 340 $LZ and 752.5 $BUSD to make 500 LZ-BUSD LPs.


Go to and connect your BEP-20 wallet to the site.
Choose Add Liquidity and change the liquidity pair to $LZ and $BUSD. Enter the amount of $LZ and $BUSD in STEP 2.
We strongly advise you to add more liquidity than calculated to avoid any possible slippage.


Now go to LZ Pool at Select the pool you want to add liquidity to, which is the LZ-BUSD pool in this case.


Click on Approve LZ-BUSD LP and enter the number of LPs you want to stake. Confirm the LPs to be staked and wait for a few second.
It should look like this when you're done: