How to participate in LZ Pool Referral Program

Earn up to 10% rewards from your referrals.

How to participate in Farming Referral Program

Users who hold at least 30 BSCX-BUSD LP’s will become eligible to send users a referral link and receive a 7% referral commission. For those who hold over 300 BSCX-BUSD LP’s, they will be added to the 2-Tier Referral Program. This referral program is in addition to the Tier 1 rewards as it allows users to earn an extra 3% commission for a total of 10%.
These LPs will remain unlocked in your wallet. If you transfer/remove these LPs, then your Referral Link will be inactive immediately and you can no longer receive your Referral Commission.
After copying your Referral link, all you need to do is to share it with your friends and community. Details of your commission will be shown in the Wallet panel.


This Referral Program works best on mobile wallet LZ Wallet and wallet browser extensions (i.e. LZ Wallet, Metamask, etc.). Trust Wallet and other wallets will not work properly due to lack of cookies features on their DApp browsers.