LZ Pool

LaunchZone Ecosystem proudly announces the launch of our LZ Pool, one of the most sophisticated cryptocurrencies investing dApps on multi-chains.
Link to LZ Pool:
Users can stake their tokens and/or provide liquidity for LZ Swap to earn new tokens. The amount of daily rewards, i.e. daily earned new tokens, is proportional to each user's share of the pool. Yield farm is one of the best DeFi feature - you know you wouldn't miss it for the world.
LZ Pool currently supports both pair staking and single-staking, and new farming pools will be added with the launch of LZP. LaunchZone aims for the greater good of bringing DeFi closer to daily use and therefore will enable farming on Polygon, Kucoin Chain, Hecochain and Avalanche after perfecting our bridges to these networks.
LaunchZone constantly adds new farming pools through partnerships, targeting new users while simultaneously giving existing users more staking options.
LZ Pool currently supports LZ Wallet, Metamask, Trust Wallet, Coin98 Wallet, and the open-source protocol WalletConnect.

DeFi needs a true integral DApps

LZ Pool is one of the most important DApps in LaunchZone Ecosystem. This DApp aims to stimulate the adoption of multi-chain and LaunchZone Ecosystem, as well as the success of decentralized projects. Basically, users can stake their tokens and/or provide liquidity to earn new tokens
LZ Pool strives to connect large hedge funds, big investors, project owners, communities, experts, and general market participants to help build new decentralized projects in the future and enables all stakeholders in LaunchZone Ecosystem to obtain assets in a fair way. With LaunchZone’s partnerships and strong tokenomics, LZ Pool offers users various investing options that have never been accessible before such as: high-yield and stable revenue, multiple farming pairs, and token-price defending mechanism.

Incentivizing Community and Adopters

For Launchzonians

  • Accessing projects at the earliest rounds
  • Investing in various new tokens without the associated minimum threshold reserved for investment funds.
  • Having the chance to become a part of a new project’s community.

For New Projects

  • Promoting through LaunchZone, our communities, and our partners.
  • Raising funds through a trust-worthy channel.
  • Accessing diverse communities keen to engage.

Terms & Conditions

  • Users will be able to un-stake their funds at any time with no delay and participate in any other available pools immediately.
  • Rewards are calculated and distributed in real time.