LZ Pad

The incubator of DeFi future
LZ Pad is the on-chain platform for crypto startups to raise funds through the process called IDO (Initial Dex Offering). Only those who lock $LZ for Diamond Hand Round, LZ Membership Clubs, winners of the whitelist challenge or whitelisted LZ Heroes have the right to participate in IDO.


There are a total of four IDO rounds, which allows more investors to participate in the token sale events (IDOs) hosted by LZ Pad.
  • Round 1: Diamond Hand Round
  • Round 2: LZ Backer Round
  • Round 3: Whitelist Social Round
  • Round 4: Whitelist FCFS Round
Design of each round is as follows:

Diamond Hand Round

In the new allocation scheme, everyone who locks $LZ on LZ Pad will be able to claim an allocation proportionally to their share of locked tickets. Therefore, we change the name of this round to Diamond Hand Round. $BSCX ticket owners remain qualified for the upcoming IDO.
Each wallet can lock $LZ in maximum 20 batches; the amount of $LZ to be locked in each batch is unlimited. The locked $LZ will be automatically unlocked exactly six months from the lock date, but if users lock their $LZ in different batches, each batch will be unlocked at a different date and time.

LZ Backer Round

To reward long-term holders of LZ Pad IDO projects and to better support the projects that IDO on our platform, we are proud to introduce LZ Backer IDO Round.
To join LZ Backer, users have to stake $LZ-$BUSD, $LZ-$USDT, and/or $LZ-$USDC LP tokens in The Sower Bot on Telegram.

Whitelist Social Round

We will select randomly from the list of successful whitelist registers to pick out the winners of Whitelist Social Round. The list of Whitelist Social Round winners will be announced before IDO.

Whitelist FCFS Round

The remaining successful whitelist registers can join the Whitelist FCFS Round. The list of Whitelist FCFS Round participants will be announced before IDO.
IDO on LZ Pad will have a total of four IDO rounds
  • Diamond Hand Round (Guaranteed spots)
  • LZ Backer Round (Guaranteed spots)
  • LZ Whitelist Social Round (Guaranteed spots)
  • LZ Whitelist FCFS Round (First-come-first-serve)

How to Participate in our IDOs

Normally, all pools are distributed on a first-come-first-serve (FCFS) basis. We therefore advise you to claim your token as soon as possible.
Step-by-step guide of how to participate in our IDOs is here:

Risk warning

Cryptocurrency investment is promising but subject to high risk. Please invest with caution. LaunchZone will do our best to choose high-quality projects but will not be responsible for your investment loss.