LZ Futures

A lightning-fast and scalable futures DEX

LZ Futures

Proud to be a DeFi leader on BNB Chain, LaunchZone’s focus has always been the ultimate decentralized financial ecosystem, which guarantees first-class services for everyone, especially those who have trouble accessing traditional ones. We have so far released LZ Swap, LZ Pool, LZ Pad and LZ Wallet - all essential for your seamless experience with DeFi.
It’s time to up the game. After more than two years, the decentralized financial sector is maturing, thereby calling for the next pieces of the jigsaw. Crypto derivatives markets, in particular those for Bitcoin and Ethereum, quickly capture the spotlight as a tool for risk transfer as well as for price forecasting. The newly launched LZ Futures therefore is designed to help LaunchZonians better hedge their crypto positions and properly prepare for the market’s next movements.

What are Futures Contracts?

A futures contract is an agreement to trade an asset at a pre-specific price at an agreed time in the future. Simply put, it’s a form of price speculation that does not require the purchase of the actual asset, for example one can bet on the scenario where Bitcoin price goes up and take profit (if that becomes true) even without holding any Bitcoin.
The standard futures contracts always have an expiration, but the crypto market adopts the special type of futures, the one with no precise expiration. That is called perpetual futures contracts, perpetual contracts or perps. Crypto traders can hold such contracts for as long as they want and enjoy better liquidity and higher leverage; but the most important feature of perps is they can track the spot market closely, hence reflecting the market sentiment more accurately.

How LZ Futures is different

LaunchZone is one of the only DEX on BNB Chain to offer decentralized futures trading. We already have the plan to bring LZ Futures to other chains as well, but BNB Chain-based LZ Futures is our priority at the moment.

Your one-stop shop

LaunchZone provides a wide range of services:
  • LZ Swap: where you can buy multiple crypto assets at the best price possible;
  • LZ Pool: creates a new income stream for every crypto investors with lucrative APRs;
  • LZ Pad: the renowned fundraising platform for crypto startups;
  • LZ Wallet: the robust cryptocurrency wallet that supports multi-chain tokens and decentralized applications
Adding LZ Futures to the mix, we intend to give LaunchZonians another option for passive income: receiving a periodic payment known as Funding Rates if the market situation is favourable. Moreover, LZ Futures can serve as a hedge for LaunchZonians holding volatile assets in their LZ Wallet or want to acquire more assets via LZ Swap

Deep liquidity

In general, perpetual markets are more liquid than other futures markets, making it much easier to sell your contracts.
LaunchZone has partnered with ApolloX and BNB Chain in terms of technical, liquidity and community aspects to ensure the best liquidity for users of LZ Futures. You can count on us for the best on-chain futures trading experience!

Best rate

One main reason that we develop LZ Futures on BNB Chain first is reasonable gas fees. In addition, we apply very competitive fees so that everyone looking forward to the future of finance can participate.

Strong community

We have recently announced a new Telegram channel dedicated for trading discussions only. You can always meet trading experts in LZ Trading Discussions for more tips and knowledge, while LZ Official Telegram is where you can get help from other LaunchZonians at any time, no matter where you are!