LZ Farm

LZ Farm is finally coming to the blockchain gaming space! Now you can show your gaming skills, collect rewards in $LZP, and then stake those rewards within the gaming platform to earn yields.


As the environment was devastated and the whole ecosystem was destroyed, apocalypse befell planet Earth. Then Mother Nature heals herself from the destruction and pollutants vanish; a new world rises from the ashes, more beautiful and greener than ever. Rice ripens in fields that were never sown. Birds sing on trees that were once barren and lifeless. At the rebirth of the world, human beings return to their motherland and start a new journey. They begin at the land called Heron and swear to the moon that they will protect the land no matter what. In order to survive, citizens tend crops and grow a burgeoning agricultural business on LZ Farm.

How to Farm

LZ Farm is an interactive farm-simulation online game created for token holders to farm $LZP tokens. It has introduced a new liquidity mining model where, instead of distributing the farming reward directly to the users, $LZP token is distributed and it can be exchanged for points to be used in the Farmstay Heron.Asia ecosystem.
LZ Farm consists of three types of Farm Units (which are Farm Tool, Farm Cage, and Windmill). Each farm unit is represented by 1 NFT that has a level from 1 to 10. You can stake $HERON to get a level-one farm unit. To upgrade your farm unit to the next level, you have to collect 3 lower levels of the same type and pay an amount of $LZP that is equal to (1000*10^current level) with a success probability of 10%. 20 $LZP is spawned every second. Farms will share $LZP from emission according to the allocation ratio.
The difference between the Heron collectibles in LZ Farm and other platforms is that it contains actual time-locked tokens similar to a bond with a vesting period. This prevents users from dumping their tokens immediately after acquiring them.
To join the Farm, you can do the following steps: Stake $HERON in LZ Farm to receive farm unit(s) Get $LZP Token Use $LZP to upgrade farm unit(s), trade, or exchange for services in Heron Asia

Road map


  • Launch LZ Farm
  • Stake $HERON to receive $LZP


  • Launch NFT items that upgrade farm performance
  • Integrate more tokens for staking and rewards in LZ Farm


  • Further integrate more tokens for staking and rewards in LZ Farm
  • Improve farm performance Integrate more blockchain networks in LZ Farm