How to join LaunchZone Membership Clubs

Join our Clubs and enjoy the exclusive offers

To join our LaunchZone Premium, Mayor Premium and BSC Army Premium, you need to hold a specific amount of LP in your wallet. Whenever the minimum required LP falls below this level, our system will automatically remove you from the Club(s).


Go to The Sower Bot and hit Start (if you are new here). Type /membership.

Choose the Club you want to join. You’ll be asked to stake a different LP for each Club as follows:

  • LaunchZone Premium: 500 LZ-BUSD

  • Mayor Premium: 500 LZ-USDT

  • BscArmy Premium: 500 LZ-USDC

Click on the link provided by The Bot to add liquidity.

Learn how to add liquidity and stake LPs on LZ Pool here.


The Bot will ask you to send a small amount of $LZ to your verification wallet that has just been generated. Copy your Membership verification wallet and send the EXACT amount as required to this address.


Copy the transaction hash for STEP 2 and submit it to The Bot. After successful verification, you’ll get the link to your preferred Club.


  • Check out the instruction on how to buy $LZ here.

  • Please note that The Bot already calculates the final amount of your $LZ for verification (including transaction tax).

  • The Bot constantly updates $LZ real-time price and its LPs (transaction tax included). Please type /lz and check the corresponding LP before staking your LPs for the Clubs. However, we strongly advise you to stake more than the calculated LPs to avoid any possible slippage.

Take the real-time calculation for LP and multiply it by 500
  • If you were to have any problem with the registered address, simply unstake the LP and register again with a new address.