How to transfer $KAI from KuCoin to KAI Wallet
    Navigate to the top navigation bar and click Assets > Main account
2. Open KAI Wallet and copy your wallet address
    Click on Withdraw
Make sure you have first completed the Google 2FA verification. Otherwise you won’t be able to withdraw.
    You can see the total $KAI you have on the tab
    Click on Transfer
    Confirm their rule and choose Continue
    Enter your KAI Wallet address and the amount of KAI you want to withdraw.
Please note that the minimum KAI you must withdraw is 500 KAI
    Click on Confirm to confirm the amount of KAI you want to withdraw
    You will see Tamper-Proofing Confirmation like the photo below. Click on Confirm Withdrawal
    You will be asked to fill out your Security Verification. Finish it and click on Submit
    Successfully transferred KAI from KuCoin to KAI Wallet
Last modified 20d ago
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