How to swap tokens for LZ and LZP
Detailed instruction on the swap for LZ and LZP

Token Merge

The token merge is expected to be finished in July 2021, together with the website migration from to Users will manually swap BSCX, BARMY, oldZD and newZD are for LZ, zSEED, ZDCASH, iBARMY for LZP to preserve their economic interests, which is the main part of the token merge event.
LZ conversion rate is given as follows:
  • 1 BSCX is equal to 1 LZ
  • 1 BARMY is equal to 0.000002 LZ
  • 1 oldZD is equal to 300 LZ
  • 1 newZD is equal to 0.03 LZ
LZP conversion rate is given as follows:
  • 1 zSEED is equal to 1 LZP
  • 1 ZDCASH is equal to 0.1 LZP
  • 1 iBARMY is equal to 0.1 LZP
  • 1 BSCX Heroes Point is equal to 0.1 LZP
All swaps for LZ and LZP are charged a 6% transaction tax.


Step 2: Choose the token to swap for LZ or LZP. The conversion rate is given above.
Step 3: Enter the amount of token you want to swap or simply click MAX to swap the maximum amount of token.
Step 4: Click Approve to confirm the transaction. You'll need to give LZ Migrating Gateway access to the token you want to swap.
Step 5: Review the transaction details again and click Swap. The transaction tax is fixed at 6%.
Step 6: Confirm the gas fee and check your balance when the transaction is done!

BSCX Heroes Points

BSCX Heroes will be able to claim their LZP in a few days. Heroes' points collected for the Mars IDO will be converted to LZP at the rate of 10:1 (10 points to 1 LZP).
Further information will be announced accordingly. Please make sure that you follow our social channels to stay updated:
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