IDO Guide: How to claim your allocation for the Whitelist Round
We will announce the winners of the Whitelist Challenge and the whitelisted addresses of Whitelist Round participants one day before the IDO starts. The final list of Whitelist Round participants will be announced explicitly on all our channels.
The allocation for the Whitelist Round will be distributed on a first-come-first-serve (FCFS) basis. Due to high demand, we advise you to claim your individual allocation as fast as possible.


Go to and choose the IDO you want to participate in (HeroFi for example).


Click on Whitelist Pool..
You need to approve LZ Contract. Enter the amount of $LZ you want to approve and click Approve LZ.


Enter the amount of $LZ you want to deposit.
Click Deposit.


We will distribute the IDO token based on the per block basis. You can see the start/end block of each round and the current block, i.e. which round we are in and how many blocks until the next round. You will not be able to claim your IDO tokens after your round has ended.
Enter the amount of $LZ you want to use to claim the IDO tokens.
The maximum individual allocation is $100. Click Max if you want to claim all your allocation.
Click Claim to claim your IDO tokens..
You'll need to confirm the transaction in your wallet.
Check your wallet balance after you see the successful claim notification.
Notice: Those who transfer LZ to the LZ Pad contract will not get the refund. Only deposit LZ on
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