How to register for the LZ Heroes Program

Detailed instruction on registration process with The Sower Bot

Go to The Sower Bot and choose Start (if you have never used it befor. Type /heroes.

Our welcome message and important remarks

STEP 1: Copy and enter your BEP-20 wallet address to register this address.

STEP 2: The minimum requirement is 50 $LZ; you'll be automatically removed from the LZ Heroes Program whenever your wallet balance falls below the minimum requirement.

We advise you to send 52 $LZ to the registered address in STEP 1, which includes the 6% tax imposed on all LZ transactions and 50 $LZ to HOLD.

Now you need to verify this address with The Bot by sending the EXACT amount required to your unique verification wallet.

Copy the EXACT amount of $LZ and send to your unique verification wallet
The required amount of LZ and the unique wallet provided by The Bot

STEP 3: Enter the transaction hash after you are done with STEP 2.

STEP 4: You'll receive an unique verification code after The Bot verifies your transaction hash. All you have to do is copy the code and tweet it.

STEP 5: Copy the link to your tweet and enter the link to complete the process.