How do I submit a ticket on Helpdesk?
Step 2: Right below the Search box, you’ll see New Support Ticket. Click on this button.
Step 3: You’ll be redirected to our contact form. First, you need to enter your email address in the Requester box.
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Step 4: Enter a summary of your problem, for example “Cannot make a withdrawal” in the Subject box. The more precise it is, the less time we need to sort out your problem.
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Step 5: Describe your problem as detailed as possible in the Description box. We provide some basic typographical options for you to help you explain your problem more effectively.
Step 6: It is advised that you take a (few) screenshot(s) and submit it by clicking on the Attach a file button.
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Step 7: Click on the I’m not a robot checkbox.
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Step 8: When you are finished, click on Submit and give us some time to get back to you.
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