Governance Process

LauchZone Governance is created so that no individual can hold monopolistic power over the development of LaunchZone. Only LZ holders and liquidity provider (LP) token holders of LZ Pool are allowed to participate in the governance process. As LP token holders greatly contribute to the operation of LaunchZone, it is only reasonable that they take part in the growth of the ecosystem.
The governance process of LaunchZone is designed to happen on-chain. Through the governance process, the votes will be recorded on the blockchain, and the results will be carried out after the voting. As the platform grows, there will be more issues that are handled through on-chain governance.

General Governance Process

The governance process works as follows:
  • Proposals are submitted by community members
  • The proposals are then analyzed and approved/declined by LaunchZone Core Team
  • Approved proposals go through voting by community members
  • After the voting ends, actions are taken according to the results of the voting

Voting Right

Each LaunchZone Community member can cast one vote. The number of LZ token, and LP tokens of LZ/BUSD and LZ/BNB pairs that each member has will decide their voting power/voting weight.
For more details on how to vote, please read here.
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