How to buy $KAI on KuCoin

To be able to participate in any IDO on Kardiachain, you must have $KAI in your wallet.
1.Create an account on KuCoin
Go to and choose Sign Up if you don’t have an account on KuCoin.
  • You must complete all required fields and successfully complete KYC
2. Log in to your account on KuCoin
3. Deposit cryptocurrencies
  • Kucoin exchange provides investors with a diverse range of markets, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USDT (Tether), NEO (NEO), Kucoin Shares (KCS), TrueUSD (TUSD), and USDC (USD/Coin) (PAX). That is, you can use 1 of these 8 coins to trade for KAI on KuCoin.
Note: Before you make your first deposit, make sure you have first completed the Google 2FA verification and that you’ve set the trading password for your account. Otherwise you won’t be able to get your KuCoin deposit address.
  • To make a deposit, navigate to the top navigation bar and click Assets > Deposit
  • On your screen, a search bar should appear. Enter the cryptocurrency's ticker (BTC, ETH,...) and select it from the drop-down menu
  • In this example, we deposit BTC
  • The website will generate a deposit address for the cryptocurrency you've chosen. The address will consist of a combination of numbers and letters (both lowercase and uppercase). Copy the entire address and paste it into your wallet of choice. Send the deposit amount to the address you copied. It may take up to half an hour to complete
Tip: Depositing ETH is usually faster than depositing BTC, and comes with lower fees.
4. Make a purchase request for KardiaChain
  • Go to the Exchange tab
  • For this step, we will assume you deposited BTC. You can deposit any cryptocurrency's ticker you want.
  • Select the BTC market in the top left corner and search for KAI, which is the ticker for KardiaChain. The KAI/BTC currency pair should now be visible.
  • A price chart will appear in the centre after you click on the trading pair. On the right side of the chart, you can place a buy order (To proceed with your order, you must enter the six-digit trading PIN password that you selected when creating your KuCoin account.)
  • To purchase KAI, click the Market tab and enter the desired quantity. The order should be processed almost instantly, and the KAI will be credited to your account shortly thereafter.