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  • Introduction
  • Token Introduction and Token Merge
  • Why multi-chain?
  • LZ Swap
  • LZ Pool
  • LZ Pad
  • LZ Wallet
  • LZ Dex
  • BSC Army
  • Sowing.Network
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In December 2020, we launched BSCex Ecosystem, a decentralized non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange-centered ecosystem that runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We have released many products such as SwapX, LaunchPoolX and LaunchPadX. Our mission is to make Binance’s off-chain services available on the blockchain, develop multi-chain applications and promote features of decentralized finance that let users gain economic benefits.
As BSCex continued to grow and partner with many crypto startups and projects, we have undergone a rebrand to LaunchZone, which aims to focus not only on providing users a seamless crypto experience, but also on assisting crypto startups with fundraising and software development until they are robust enough to launch successfully on their own.
Recently, LaunchZone has completed its acquisition of The Sowing Network, BSC Army and ezDeFi. This combination makes LaunchZone stronger to better serve the community and compete more effectively in the DeFi space.

Token Introduction and Token Merge

LZ and LZP

The native governance and utility token of the newly integrated LaunchZone Ecosystem is $LZ. We promise to support a sustainable growth and mitigate inflation by completing the manual burns of $LZ on a regular basis.
$LZP is the freshly introduced token, which has the inflationary tokenomics and comes together with a whole new staking and farming system.

Token Merge

The token merge is expected to be finished in July 2021, together with the website migration from to Users will manually swap BSCX, BARMY, oldZD and newZD are for LZ, zSEED, ZDCASH, iBARMY for LZP to preserve their economic interests, which is the main part of the token merge event.
LZ conversion rate is given as follows:
  • 1 BSCX is equal to 1 LZ
  • 1 BARMY is equal to 0.000002 LZ
  • 1 oldZD is equal to 300 LZ
  • 1 newZD is equal to 0.03 LZ
LZP conversion rate is given as follows:
  • 1 zSEED is equal to 1 LZP
  • 1 ZDCASH is equal to 0.1 LZP
  • 1 iBARMY is equal to 0.1 LZP
  • 1 BSCX Heroes Point is equal to 0.1 LZP
All swaps for LZ and LZP are charged a 6% transaction tax.

Why multi-chain?

It’s simple! The high demand for the DeFi services on the Ethereum network creates massive demand for the network. This massive demand eventually translates into very high transaction fees, which makes Ethereum an unusable platform for typical day-to-day transactions. Furthermore, Ethereum is only capable of processing 25-30 transactions per second. This is not fast enough to handle periods of high volume. Ethereum transactions may take much longer than expected because miners have an incentive to include transactions with higher fees first. This makes it incredibly hard to create a scalable product that can be used by millions of users on the Ethereum platform.
BSC has much better speed and lower transaction fees than the Ethereum network. With the support of the world’s biggest crypto exchange, Binance, and its CEO, Changpeng Zhao (aka CZ), BSC is gaining a competitive advantage and liquidity. In the foreseeable future, BSC will become one of the most popular blockchains in the decentralized economy.
Other networks are also proving their strong suits, for example Polygon, Kucoin Chain, Hecochain and Avalanche. LaunchZone sees the exponential increase in users' cross-chain demand and respond effectively. With a solid groundwork on the BSC, we are preparing to expand our services to other network flawlessly and become the leading multi-chain service provider in the whole DeFi space.

LZ Swap

LZ Swap is similar to Binance’s Liquid Swap but faster and more advanced. Binance’s LiquidSwap is a centralized service that supports swapping between stablecoins and fiats, while SwapX supports more stablecoin and cryptocurrency pairs at the best rate.
The problem of most DeFi projects on BSC is liquidity, which causes price slippage. The price slippage is closely tied with market depth and measures the difference between the expected price of a trade and the price level arrived at after execution. High price slippage typically indicates a market is less liquid. SwapX solved the problem of low liquidity using our unique technology called Cross Liquidity Layer 2 to facilitate transactions with minimal slippage.
LaunchZone Aggregating Engine will find the AMMs with the best liquidity among BSC’s AMMs to divide, match, and execute user’s orders. Most AMMs suffer from low liquidity and big price impact (slippage) for the vast majority of transactions, where users cannot execute orders of high volume without causing a big slippage. LaunchZone Aggregating Engine will divide such orders into smaller chunks and execute each part in a different AMM to lower the risk of price slippage.
For example, LaunchZone users want to swap 2000 BUSD to BNB. The price slippage of BakerySwap for 2000 BUSD in trading volume is 0.2%. Each $500 in trading volume will cause a 0.05% slippage in price. While PancakeSwap slippage is 0.12% and a $500 in trading volume will cause 0.105% slippage. Our LaunchZone Aggregating Engine will calculate and divide 2000 BUSD into two smaller orders. One order of 1363.636 BUSD is executed on PancakeSwap and another order of 636.364 BUSD is executed on BakerySwap. The total price impact/slippage is 0.097%, much lower than executing an order on just one single AMM.
The upgrade of LZ Swap includes the advanced features of limit order, meme tokens buy & sell and the optimization of time estimation.

LZ Pool

Users can stake their tokens and/or provide liquidity for LZ Swap to earn new tokens. The amount of daily rewards, i.e. daily earned new tokens, is proportional to each user's share of the pool. Yield farm is one of the best DeFi feature - you know you wouldn't miss it for the world.
LZ Pool currently supports both pair staking and single-staking, and new farming pools will be added with the launch of LZP. LaunchZone aims for the greater good of bringing DeFi closer to daily use and therefore will enable farming on Polygon, Kucoin Chain, Hecochain and Avalanche after perfecting our bridges to these networks.
LaunchZone constantly adds new farming pools through partnerships, targeting new users while simultaneously giving existing users more staking options.

LZ Pad

LaunchZone is the incubator that scouts out promising crypto companies and guide them through the fundamental phases of fundraising, software development and marketing until they are robust enough to launch successfully on their own.

LZ Wallet

Formerly known as ezDeFi, LZ Wallet is the newly integrated feature of LaunchZone Ecosystem.
In accordance with the expansion of LaunchZone, LZ Wallet will soon support Avalanche, Polygon and Near. The simple user interface and built-in platforms guarantee smooth interactions with blockchain, and is designed for both beginners and advanced users.

LZ Dex

LZ Dex is LaunchZone’s decentralized crypto exchange built on BSC. DexX will implement our protocol and technology (AMM+) to acquire the best liquidity of BSC to facilitate on-chain order book. DexX will have all functions of a centralized exchange and many types of market orders (limit, market, stop limit, stop market, etc.).

BSC Army

BSC Army continues to perform their independent operations under the management of LaunchZone. The acquisition of BSC Army solidifies our media hold and further assists crypto startups who qualify for IDOs on LZ Pad.
LZ holders are also given better advertisement position via BARMY Xpress and the wide selection of AMA services.


One of the fundamental elements of the crypto market is communities, yet the term growth hacking hasn’t quite captured the attention of the brilliant minds behind innovative blockchain projects. LaunchZone realized the innovative potential of the project and our successful acquisition of this social infrastructure provider will improve the whole system efficiency and complete LaunchZone Ecosystem.

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